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Dr.Samyak Tiwari,
Psychiatrist in Lucknow

MBBS, MD (Psychiatry) FIPS.
Associate Professor
Consultant Psychiatrist Lucknow.

A psychiatrist by profession with more than 11 years of Experience, Dr. Samyak is treating a broad range of psychotherapy services in Lucknow to an expanded clientele. With an impressive educational background, a wealth of experience, and a dedicated approach to patient care, Dr. Samyak Tiwari is a leading mental health professional and a psychiatrist. Through his expertise and the services provided, he has positively impacted the lives of numerous individuals, helping them overcome mental health challenges and achieve a better quality of life. His commitment to advancing the field of psychiatry through teaching and research further cements his reputation as a valuable asset to the mental healthcare community and the best psychiatrist.

Dr. Samyak has been treating cases of Depression, Bipolar disorders, Mania, Anxiety, Schizophrenia, OCD, De-addiction, Sexual disorders, Dementia, and other mental illnesses with a decade of experience.


Comprehensive Psychiatry Services in Lucknow

Comprhensive psychiatric Services

Dr. Samyak Tiwari, the best Psychiatrist in Lucknow specialize in diagnosing and treating Psychiatric disorder. You will get a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan that prescribes medication provides therapy services and monitors progress.
Dr. Samyak Tiwari Psychiatrist addresses various mental health issues, conditions, and Problems that include:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety Disorder
  • OCD Services
  • Headaches
  • Schizophrenia
  • Sexual Dysfunction
  • ADHD/ Anger Issues
  • Seizure Disorder
  • Personality Disorder
  • Mental Retardation
  • Phobias
  • Panic Attacks
  • Dementia
  • Substance Addiction

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Whether you are seeking assistance for anxiety, depression or a history of trauma, need help coping with the stress and hardship of everyday life, or wish to become more accepting of yourself and others, we are here to help.

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Dr. Samyak Tiwari- FAQ for Psychiatrist in lucknow

A psychiatrist specializes in diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental illness, issues, and Problems. , A Well Experienced Psychiatrist in Lucknow uses Various ways and combinations of psychotherapy, medication, and other Therapies or Methods to help patients improve their mental well-being.

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